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Tybee Types Transcribes--

We transform academic and business interviews, focus groups, lectures and conference sessions into readable text. We work with many digital formats, uploaded to us through a secure file transfer service.

Tybee Typists think as we work, omitting speakers’ false starts and verbal filler. We believe that transcribing should advance communication not duplicate the frequent stumbling of natural speech. We turn spoken word into prose.

Tybee Types produces quality full or summary transcripts. Summary transcripts synthesize participants’ ideas, omitting unneeded words and phrases, and this work generally takes less time, which saves you money.

Tybee Types can, of course, prepare verbatim transcripts upon request.

Completed transcripts are emailed to you and invoices sent when work is finished, or periodically during extended projects.

Uploading recordings--

Contact us for uploading instructions.

Turnaround Time and Completed Work--

Most sessions are completed within five days of our receiving the recording, rush work more quickly.

Tybee Types returns transcripts by email in MS Word.

Tybee Types Edits--

We work with professionals, researchers, students, and other writers through all stages of their projects. We offer far more than grammatical correction, but also organizational and content suggestions.
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